Corporate Gifts

To date, Silver Secrets has gained a great deal of experience in the design of commemorative silverware commissioned to mark special milestones. This has included a number of special moments such as corporate milestones, sporting trophies right through to making bespoke items to mark the retirement of directors and senior executives by companies as well as other organisations and institutions. Likewise, we can also create various homewares.

By hand engraving a message or any item of text the silver commission can become personalised. In particular this kind of handwritten and personalised engraving where hand writing or any other style is copied can create the ultimate form of personalisation. We are to advise and help create an item bespoke to any suitable wording, script types and layouts.

Such bespoke commemorative commissioned silverware can go a long way in giving the recipient something to look back on with great sense of fondness. At Silver Secrets, we will make it our goal to create something special which will look impressive in time to come.

Our silversmiths use traditional skills to create stunning bespoke silver objects. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn your dream design into reality. Whether this may be a small tabletop ornament or large scale centerpiece, we can help. We are able to create beautiful additions for your home, office or any other interior.

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